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Rimbunan Hijau is an industry leader in the introduction of legality verification in Papua New Guinea.

Its subsidiary, Saban Enterprises Limited (SEL) was the first forestry company in Papua New Guinea to receive independent verification of the legality of the timber and is the only company in Papua New Guinea to have received such verification.

Societe Generale du Surveillance (SGS), one of the world's leading auditing organizations, developed a Timber Legality and Traceability Verification (TLTV) standard to provide for independent verification that timber is produced in compliance with relevant PNG laws, and that a chain of custody exists to ensure the integrity of the supply chain.

RH initiated the development of the TLTV standard. It was completed with the financial assistance of the International Tropical Timber Organization.

The SGS TLTV program comprises two elements. The first assesses the legality of the timber and the compliance of all forest sources and operations relevant government laws and regulations. The second assesses the timber supply chain, from harvest to market.

Saban's certification documents are available through the links provided below.

RH is currently working with the PNG Forest Industries Association to develop chain of custody procedures which could be used by a variety of other forestry and timber processors in PNG, giving buyers credible assurance that the timber has come from a legal source.

For more information on SGS TLTV, visit


  • Timber Legality & Traceability Verification, Legality of Production (LP) Statement - view/download
  • Timber Legality & Traceability Verification, Chain of Custody (CoC) Statement -view/download
  • SGS Timber Legality Verification for Timber Producers in PNG - view/download
  • Rimbunan Hijau's Policy Statement on CoC - view/download

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