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RH makes significant contributions to the community in a number of ways. Development projects are undertaken by the company as part of project negotiation with landowners in PNG. For example, RH has constructed more than 3,700 km of roads in PNG.

RH has introduced a development trust model to achieve community-wide development goals in areas where it operates.

The Trust uses a corporate model as its base. Its aim is to promote agricultural development, improved infrastructure and community development. The Trust itself is managed by community stakeholder representatives who form a board. Landowners apply for funding for development projects. The objective of the system is to encourage cooperation and decision-making between communities, landowners, government and RH.

RH believes the model is a transparent process that maintains good governance in a country that is often accused of corruption.


Papua New Guinea is a country where development indicators are low. Life expectancy is low, infant mortality is high, access to sanitation is low, and the number of doctors per head is also low.

RH has made significant contributions to health programs and health infrastructure in PNG, particularly in rural areas where health services are lacking. These include:

  • The establishment of 44 aid posts;
  • Construction of a health centre
  • Upgrades and maintenance for existing facilities;
  • An immunisation program;
  • Health and safety seminars;
  • Donation of medical supplies.


BAHA_info-small.png - 9114 BytesAdditionally, in 2006, RH became a founding sponsor of BAHA, the PNG Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS. BAHA's mission is to "organise, educate and assist business enterprises to develop, support and implement policies and programs for the prevention, care and treatment of HIV and AIDS in Papua New Guinea", with a view to "safeguard the private sector workforce and their families from HIV and AIDS and ensure a simpatico environment in workplaces on HIV and AIDS and related issues."

RH also released its HIV/AIDS workplace policy in 2007, becoming the first forestry company in Papua New Guinea to release a full HIV/AIDS workplace policy.

Operation Open Heart

RH has made regular donations to Operation Open Heart, a charity program where volunteer doctors from Australia are flown to Papua New Guinea to perform open heart surgery on critically ill patients.

Other charities

RH has donated to the following health initiatives:

  • Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation
  • Friends That Care AIDS Awareness
  • PNG Women's Doctors Association


RH has facilitated improved educational outcomes in Papua New Guinea by funding educational facilities and services in remote areas. RH has thus far constructed 87 school buildings within its project areas and upgraded 24 existing buildings.

RH has also made scholarships available to students, as well as donated school materials, such as textbooks, furniture and classroom materials.


RH believes that sport can have a positive effect on communities, particularly by engaging young members of the community. To this end, RH has given financial support to the following sporting groups:

  • Post Moresby Hawks Rugby League Club
  • Port Moresby Wards Strip Elementary Schools Sports Program
  • PNG Disabled Sports Federation
  • PNG Sports Federation

RH 20th Anniversary in Papua New Guinea

The Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Papua New Guinea in style with a gala evening attended by the former Acting Prime Minister, Samuel Abal, various Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament, company officials and local business leaders. . . . [more]

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