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Where does RH operate?

RH currently has operations in West New Britain, East New Britain, Madang, Gulf, Western and Milne Bay Provinces, as well as the National Capital District.

Does RH engage in 'illegal logging'?

RH does not engage in illegal logging. All of RH's forestry operations are 100 per cent legal. Documentation proving the legality of RH's operations in Papua New Guinea is freely and publicly available from the PNG Forest Authority offices in Papua New Guinea. RH is an industry leader in legality certification in PNG. It was the first forestry company in PNG to introduce independent, third-party legality verification.

Why do some NGOs say RH is an 'illegal logger'?

RH accepts that some Green groups are opposed to commercial forestry, whether it is in Papua New Guinea, Australia or elsewhere in the world. This is also the case with mining, commercial fishing and many other industrial activities. These groups are entitled to hold these opinions. However, some groups consider it reasonable to make unsubstantiated claims or attack companies and industries they oppose. RH is one such company.

RH is an easy target for NGOs because it is the largest forestry company in PNG. RH commissioned a series of reports by Australian consulting firm ITS Global to critically examine the NGO case. The reports, available at, found that there was little or no substance to the NGO claims.

RH has not and does not engage in any illegal activity in forestry or otherwise.

Is RH environmentally responsible?

RH is environmentally responsible. It strictly adheres to the Papua New Guinea Logging Code of Practice and follows all PNG environmental regulation to the letter.

I would like to work for RH - where can I apply?

RH is always on the lookout for talented individuals who believe they can make a genuine contribution to the company in a challenging environment. If you are genuinely interested in working for RH, please contact our human resources department.

RH 20th Anniversary in Papua New Guinea

The Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Papua New Guinea in style with a gala evening attended by the former Acting Prime Minister, Samuel Abal, various Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament, company officials and local business leaders. . . . [more]

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