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While RH is a private company, it recognises this growing need for transparency. RH understands there is a growing need for corporate information for governments, communities and business partners.

Consequently, RH has been providing employees and business partners with information about RH's decision making processes, values and financial information.

Information made publicly available includes:

  • Size of operations;
  • Project infrastructure expenditure;
  • Production totals;
  • Premiums, levies, royalties and export duties paid.
RH maintains an internal review system that ensures all required legal documentation is up to date. All of RH's forestry subsidiaries meet the following regulatory checklist:
  • They are registered as forest industry participants;
  • They have current permits for all projects as permit holders or contracts;
  • They have licences for all projects where they are forestry contractors, as well as valid performance bonds;
  • All forestry projects have approved annual logging plans and approved valid five year plans where applicable;
  • All projects have approved environmental impact statements or environment plans as required by law;
  • All projects have approved waste management plans and environment permits for waste disposal and water extraction;
  • All timber rights acquisition agreements have legal approvals;
  • All environmental management and monitoring programmes have legal approvals.
All legal approvals are publicly available from the PNG Forest Authority and Department of Environment and Conservation.

RH 20th Anniversary in Papua New Guinea

The Rimbunan Hijau (PNG) Group has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Papua New Guinea in style with a gala evening attended by the former Acting Prime Minister, Samuel Abal, various Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament, company officials and local business leaders. . . . [more]

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